Microgrids are the end-result of a multi-year effort to make buildings more efficient.  They frequently leverage the best advances in distributed energy resources – solar, batteries, LEDs, etc – and combine them with local cogeneration assets.  All of these lead to a smaller carbon footprint, lower operating costs, and higher cash flows while ensuring business continuity in the event of a grid outage.

SOIL Smart Solutions leverages the same financial resources that have been available for solar and batteries for the entire microgrid.  Zero capex is still an option, and management of the energy assets is no longer an operational problem for your business, SOIL has it covered.

Water Efficiency

Zoning requirements and environmental regulations are requiring more efficient use and remediation of waste water nationwide at the same time that new municipal water projects are expected to push higher pricing through to end users.  Large water consumers need to be aware of and plan for this new paradigm.

SOIL Smart Solutions can bring technologies and partners to bear on this critical resource to solve many operational challenges as corporations, non-profits, and others begin to focus in on their water plans for the coming decades.

Renewable Energy

More and more corporations are looking to actively manage their carbon footprint and renewable energy is frequently a first step to that end.  Depending on geography, building codes, existing infrastructure and local incentives, solar photovoltaics, solar thermal or wind may be available at prices as low as .04/kWh

Subject to some restrictions, these systems frequently come with tax credits, accelerated depreciation and other financial benefits that drive attractive ROIs.  However, financing all of these is also an option and SOIL Smart Solutions can help navigate it all.

Energy Storage

For many commercial and industrial facilities, energy storage represents an opportunity to control demand charges that are based on peak power needs.  By siting a storage system behind the meter, SSS can reduce the total power draw that hits the grid during the most expensive periods of the day and year.  Thousands of dollars of operational savings can be unlocked.

SOIL Smart Solutions can also bring low-cost financing to bear – creating a zero capex proposal for most users.  Using a shared savings model, the user shares the operational savings with SSS in exchange for the financing the installation.

LED Retrofits

SOIL Smart Solutions has partnered with a leading LED provider to provide custom lighting solutions for the Built Environment.  We can manage the entire process from beginning to end in-house including financing.

With custom manufacturing capabilities, any lighting configuration can be refitted with LEDs – generating a huge savings on both the facility’s electricity costs as well as future O&M.  Alongside that, we can provide financing that opens the door to zero up-front cost lighting upgrades and immediate operational savings.